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“Invest in yourselves. You don’t need to have a big wallet to invest in yourself because you can get it with ‘sweat equity.’ You can earn it! The way you invest in yourself and the potential of your future is the way that you apply yourself to learn.”
– Roger Billings

Inspired by his own mentor, Bill Lear, the Roger Billings Mentoring Program was developed as a way to “give back,” supporting thousands of students with mentoring guidance through Science L!VE as well as helping cover student tuition costs.  Learn More About the Roger Billings Scholarship »

Haley Y. (Student)
Dr. B really does make a impact on my life. Sharing his own knowledge and experiences with the rest of us helps us be more motivated and accomplish more.
Abigail M. (Student)
It\'s pretty amazing just to hear more and more things every week that Dr. Billings has either done or is doing, some of his achievements are absolutely incredible.
Shania S. (Student)
Thank you! I have learned much from all of these wonderful videos provided every week. They are all so great!
Stephan (StudentI
Roger Billings is contributing a lot to society. Acellus has definitely changed a lot of students’ lives for the better.
Kenise (Student)
Roger Billings is so inspiring. I love watching your videos.
Abel (Student)
Since I started Acellus I have liked school more I have always liked school but I like it more. Thank you DrB For Creating Acellus!
Benjamin (Student)
I personally think that Acellus is the future of education, it’s simple, convenient, and thousands of people can benefit from one person\'s expertise.
Super powerful words about life! Thank you, Roger Billings.
Kada (Student)
This broadcast is inspiring me to do more! After seeing the success of Dr. Billings, I now aspire to do great things just like him.
Jett (Parent)
This was my son and I’s first time listening to it we loved it. It was very informative and interesting.
Tyler (Student)
Dr. Billings inspires me with each lecture he gives, and I can\'t wait to watch another.
Jaden (Student)
Thank you for inspiring me to be a better person!
Aidan (Student)
Thank you for bringing hope back to students like myself who have struggles with traditional public school.
Olivia (Student)
I appreciate Dr. Billings message of hope and kindness. The world is kind of scary right now.
Adam (Student)
Acellus changed my life for the better.
Casey J. (Student)
I always love learning during these videos, they\'re so informational! Can\'t wait until next week!
Hugh T. (Student)
I just want to say thank you for using a lot of your time to answer all of our questions, I imagine that you use up a lot of your time already so doing this shows how much you care about all of us.

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