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Roger Billings

2018 Defense TechConnect Fall Summit & Expo

Dr. Roger Billings, CybrSec Chairman spoke at the Defense TechConnect, DOD Innovation Leadership Keynote Program with Bob Buckhorn (Mayor, Tampa, FL), Dale Ormond (Princ. Dir, Research, Office, Asst. Secretary of Defense) James Smith, (Acq. Exec, USSOCOM) Gene Kesslemen (MIT), Colonel Ché  Bolden (USMC), Steve Barsh (Dreamit Ventures)

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Defense TechConnect

Dr. Roger Billings Speaks About The Increasing Importance of Serious Cyber Security

“We had the privilege of getting to know Dr. Roger Billings, Founder and CEO of CybrSecurity Corporation. While he is perhaps best known for inventing the first hydrogen-powered car, for the past 30 years he has focused on high tech companies. Some of his ventures include pioneering Gigabit Ethernet over copper (full-duplex mode), GoldKey Security, and the Acellus Learning System…”

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Roger Billings Mentoring Program

As part of Dr. Roger Billings’ lifelong commitment to supporting education, the Mentoring Program was created as a way to “give back” by supporting students with scholarships and mentoring guidance.  LEARN MORE »