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What is Acellus?

Acellus is a learning accelerator.  Using video-based lessons combined with cutting-edge technology it has been found to accelerate learning, raise standardized test scores, reduce dropout rates and helps transition more students into careers and college.


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Vectored Instruction

Vectored Instruction™ has changed the dynamic of online education. This technology is enabling students to master foundational skills they are missing that are prerequisites to success in their current course of study. Vectored Instruction fills in the gaps while keeping students within their credit-level course, enabling them to complete their coursework with passing grades and get on track for graduation.


Prism Diagnostics

Prism Diagnostics® identifies specific holes in students’ understanding of core concepts and responds instantly with customized videos focusing on that particular deficiency. The result is that every student receives personalized instruction – right at the moment when they need it most.


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Writing Tutor

The Acellus Writing Tutor uses Intelligent Interaction to tutor students as they write, giving immediate feedback on grammar, spelling, vocabulary and even on the writing style. This is a long awaited game changer on our ability to teach writing in the distance learning environment.


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Roger Billings Salute to Educators

“It was 50 years ago when I made the first Hydrogen Car. It is so gratifying to me to see this technology now beginning to be used all around the world. I am grateful to my teachers and educators that helped me to have the vision to dream an idea like this and the knowledge to put it on the street – to make it happen.” – Roger Billings


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The Success Zone

To help students succeed, we created the “Student Success Zone” which is an education strategy that helps students succeed by getting into the right courses, at the right levels, so that they are able to  consistently progress. We call this being in their “Success Zone.”


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Serious Cyber Security Solutions with

b² Cryptography

CybrSec specializes in Identity and Access Management for high-value military and enterprise operations in the cloud.  Visit the Blog »


Acellus Learning Accelerator
Acellus Learning Accelerator
Acellus Learning Accelerator

The Art of Teaching Over the Internet

By Dr. Roger Billings, Chairman
Acellus Learning System

Teaching students over the Internet is quite a different experience than teaching in the traditional classroom setting. When teacher and students are separated by a network, it is easy for students to feel ignored and adrift in their studies – as though no one is there to help them if they get stuck. This paper discusses these challenges and how to use the special learning resources Acellus provides to help the virtual teacher effectively teach at a distance.

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Acellus Learning Accelerator:
Courseware Development Guide for Educators

In this book, Roger Billings shares the “secret sauce” which has made the Acellus Learning System a game changer for thousands of schools coast-to-coast. In these pages, the author shares the tools, the techniques, and the magic of Acellus that is changing education, discussing important aspects of the system.

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5 Reasons to Integrate STEM into Online Learning

By Roger Billings

Students need STEM–and a strong STEM learning background will carry them from high school to a high-tech workforce. As more and more fields require technical knowledge, it is a good idea to equip our young learners with basic STEM skills early on. With online schools, it is invaluable to start teaching these concepts at a young age, which is why STEM curriculum is now being introduced at the elementary level.

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