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Acellus Learning Accelerator

Acellus Learning Accelerator:
Courseware Development Guide for Educators

In this book, Roger Billings shares the “secret sauce” which has made the Acellus Learning System a game changer for thousands of schools coast-to-coast. In these pages, the author shares the tools, the techniques, and the magic of Acellus that is changing education, discussing important aspects of the system.

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5 Reasons to Integrate STEM into Online Learning

By Roger Billings

Students need STEM–and a strong STEM learning background will carry them from high school to a high-tech workforce. As more and more fields require technical knowledge, it is a good idea to equip our young learners with basic STEM skills early on. With online schools, it is invaluable to start teaching these concepts at a young age, which is why STEM curriculum is now being introduced at the elementary level.

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Roger Billings Mentoring Program

As part of Roger Billings’ lifelong commitment to supporting education, the Mentoring Program was created as a way to “give back” by supporting students with scholarships and mentoring guidance. LEARN MORE »