Roger Billings - Creator of the Acellus Learning System

The Acellus Learning System

Acellus was created with the goal of making a science of the learning process. Acellus operates as a comprehensive system which delivers instruction to students by computer, manages assignments, provides student assessments, and maintains student records.  More importantly, Acellus provides an array of advanced features enabling it to diagnose deficiencies in student understanding, to provide customized personal instruction when needed, and to constantly analyze the effectiveness of the teaching process.

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The human mind is an amazing thing – no two are alike. This makes the task of teaching such a dynamic range of developing minds quite a difficult undertaking. In order to create educational material that will cater itself to students of all ages, backgrounds, and mental capacities, we have turned to science for the answers. Acellus is the “science of learning.”

– Roger Billings (Computer Technology Review)

Mission Acellus

Acellus is now used throughout the US at more than 15,000 schools, both public and private.  In the preferred deployment, it is used as part of a blended learning system where instruction is provided over Acellus as well as by qualified teachers at the local school.

The Acellus live monitor provides live student progress reports and sends alerts to both teachers and parents when a student struggles or fails to make progress in a course.

In depth information on the Acellus Learning System can be found at the following websites which target specific features or use models: – This is the official website of the International Academy of Science, which is the host organization of Acellus. On this site you will find a variety of resource material covering the many ways that Acellus can be deployed, targeting areas such as special ed, credit recovery, team teach, adult education, and use for the general student population. – This is the site where students and teachers are able to sign in to the Acellus system. It also provides a variety of general information about courses and online faculty.

More On Acellus

Follow the Acellus Educator’s blog and stay up to date on the latest developments in Acellus.

The International Academy of Science is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization that has been advancing education and scientific research for over 25 years.

Acellus has advanced to become a leader in web-learning, applying technologies developed to turn the learning process into a science.