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OP-ED: Education Innovations Are Coming Fast


“In the traditional classroom, teachers are present to provide instruction and support. Online learning is different. Because teachers cannot be everywhere at once, our education system must gravitate toward asynchronous interaction…”

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Billings on the Inner Workings of a Speaker: ‘This is When We Learned About Turning Electricity Into Sound’


Roger Billings gets hands-on as he teaches students the concept of producing sound from an electrical current by making a speaker.


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‘Science L!VE’ Episode: Billings Recalls How Hydrogen Car Won in 1972 Competition


“Acellus Academy Founder Roger Billings reminisced about the Urban Vehicle Design Competition (UVDC) in August 1972 in Ann Arbor at General Motors during a recent episode of his show “’Science L!VE with Roger Billings.’”

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Warren County School District Board Approves Roger Billings Rescue Grants for All Schools Within the District

Times Observer

“The grants provide $10,000 per school to be used toward purchase of Acellus Gold Edition software licenses. The software is used in special education, special needs and independent studies programs.”

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Parent Praises Acellus Academy for Helping Her Homeschooled Son Navigate High School Curriculum

NE Florida News

“‘Acellus has managed to be an amazing asset for Anderson,’ Denise Minor said.  

Each course is self-paced, allowing students to spend extra time when needed to master each lesson concept. Families have the flexibility to plan and adjust study times to fit their schedule.”

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A Struggling ADHD Student Thrives on Acellus, Graduating Early

Central Virginia Times

“‘Jacob showed a renewed interest in learning and his progress far exceeded the standard of his local public school’, Jessica said. She was elated that the program could cater to her son’s conditions and learning needs while also giving him the opportunity to surpass his typical standards.”

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Inventor Roger Billings Reveals Plan For Hydrogen Car With Fuel Cell


“‘Inventions are exciting’, Billings told his audience, especially those that have the potential to help solve a major environmental problem like global warming.”

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Billings Describes Optimism Curve Learned From Learjet Founder


“Roger Billings described the optimism curve he learned from his mentor, Bill Lear, an investor and businessman who was the founder of the Learjet company, during his interview program.”

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Acellus Creator Billings: ‘We Must Recognize the Enormous Value of the True Innovator’


“Dr. Roger Billings speaks from personal experience when discussing the attributes of the International Academy of Science, which develops Acellus courses for students in grades kindergarten to 12.”

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Acellus Creator Wants to Empower Students and Teachers to Succeed in the Success Zone


“Teachers are able to catch the students on the brink of failure, break down the barriers of being stuck on a skill, and turn each student into a learner who now is motivated to reach and exceed expectations.”

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